Continuous Improvement:

At Arising Stars Primary School, we acknowledge that continuous improvement takes place with a unity of purpose and collaboration within our school community.

Insightful curriculum development:

The information we gather each year through monitoring and evaluating our practices, tracking student achievement and studying educational research has helped us to create a process for insightful curriculum development.

Review of our school performance and student achievement for the past two years has revealed as achieving at or above the standards expected for their year level. Some indicators also reveal that a few students achieving at levels well beyond standard.

These outcomes have resulted in virtually all school subject areas.
Within this consistently strong performance pattern some indicators reveal where great future improvement can also be achieved.
Assessment of Reading indicators reveal consistently strong school performance patterns with very high proportions of students reading with 90-100% accuracy From UKG to Year 4.
Our relative growth data shows that we have made progress in all areas.