Performance in English:

The vast majority of students were assessed in Reading,Writing , Speaking and Listening skills and Grammar and Punctuation.

Their strengths include:

  • At or above the standard for their year level
  • Very high proportions of students were assessed as being at or above the standard for their year level in Speaking and Listening
  • Reading and Speaking and Listening scores were quite competitive significantly above their year levels.
  • Strongest performance is seen in the Year 1 and 3’s Speaking and Reading dimension , slightly higher than the Listening  and Writing skills.

Analysis of individual year levels reveals:

  • Our School’s  academic scores have trended upward and are generally above their year level.
  • All of them without exception  have met the expected standards in all the subject areas.
  • Their skills in Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities have been phenomenal so far.
  • We have upwardtrends in most categories across the Grades.
  • Public Speaking, Grammar & Punctuation have  continued to stand out as  our shining light.

Working memory

Working memory is a system for temporary storage and manipulation of information, necessary for a wide range of cognitive tasks.

It is the ability to keep information in your mind for a short period of time (seconds) and be able to use the information in your thinking.

Does your child:

  • Become easily distracted when doing something not highly interesting?
  • Have trouble waiting his/her turn?
  • Struggle with reading comprehension or doing maths calculations in his/her head?
  • Struggle with getting started or with completing a task?
  • Have difficulties when planning and organising something with multiple steps?
  • Lose belongings frequently?
  • Often seem restless and on the go?

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of these questions, it is possible that you child may have difficulties with their ‘working memory’.

The school has been using various approaches in enhancing their “Working Memory”

We also design programs to help improve core attention skills and  academic outcomes.

  • Listening in class and helping to block out distractions.
  • Focus to help improve school work.
  • Control to aid in group work and understanding instructions.
  • Overcome Inhibition by slowing down and thinking before doing something.
  • To date, results indicate students making significant gains in their reading level due to their capacity to concentrate and focus on tasks.
  • Leaders and teachers responded innovatively to underachievement and successfully accelerate progress for the students involved.
  • designed and implemented an improvement plan that enabled more students to achieve better results with less inequity across the school population.
  • We  undertook additional assessments with students needing to accelerate progress to better understand their strengths and needs


  1. were strategic and successful in their actions to accelerate progress.
  2. strategically planned new approaches  to increase their learning experience.
  3. We applied well-researched strategies rather than continuing with what was obviously not making a difference.
  4. focused on building relationships with students.

What does strategic and successful look like?

Strategic and successful long-term commitment to acceleration and a planned approach to improvement provided support for students and teachers.
For example: If certain students were not achieving well in writing, the school provided a remedial writing programme.

At the same time they aimed to ensure this achievement pattern didn’t reoccur by providing professional development in writing for teachers too.

Capabilities that made the difference in a school’s ability to accelerate progress

  • Leadership capability - school leaders were able to design and implement a coherent whole school plan that focused on targeted support for students and teachers for equitable outcomes.
  • Teachers’ capability - Teachers were able to find and trial responses to individual student strengths and needs that engaged and supported students to accelerate their progress in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Assessment and evaluative capability – Leaders and teachers could understand  what works, when and why for different students.
  • Capability to develop relationships with students and parents, school leaders and other teaching professionals to support accelerated progress.
  • Capability to design and implement a school curriculum that engaged students.

Every Student’s abilities matter:

Clarity and concision are important because they eliminate misunderstanding and make conversation shorter. The longer the explanation , the more confusing it is.

We achieved this concept by constantly making our students recite rhymes individually, say a few words on topics discussed, tell stories from their own imaginations  before the mic which worked more than our expectations.

Audios and videos of every individual’s performance  shared with their parents surprised them as achieving far beyond their own expectations.


Communication is always two-ways, which means one shares and the other one listens, and vice versa.

Active listening is more than just the “hearing” of it. It listening involves considering non-verbal cues from the speaker such as body movements, tone of voice, or eye contact.

We observed that our students enjoyed facing an audience and exhibited their skills better during every school activity involving  parents and friends of the school.

Food Fest 2019:

Food is an important part of any celebration, regardless of culture or religion. It can unite and strengthen community bonds and helps to maintain a common identity among a group of people.

Our parents were divided into various groups to cook personally and display the widespread of traditional Indian cuisines and educate the rest on the medicinal values they offered due to the natural ingredients used.

The different ways they innovated to help celebrate special occasion was the highlight of the day.

It brought all classes of parents and children together in a way no other medium would. Food was plenteous for us to share it with our neighbourhood.

Christmas Carol - A joy to behold

With melodies emerging from their hearts, our Nursery and Primary kids have spent almost two months practicing  all the traditional Christmas songs ranging from 12 Day of Christmas, Joy to the World, Jingle Bells and Silent Night to the modern ones and  rendered flawlessly. All their efforts ensured that, remarkably, they were able to sing together in rhythm and harmony and made everyone proud.

We were indeed very proud of the kids and their parents magnifying God in one accord sharing the joy of Christmas irrespective of their religion caste or creed.

Charity Visit- December 2019:

Christmas being the season of giving , our kids and our parents shared the happy moment seeing the smile on the gifted children as we visited two orphanages wwith lots of gifts, clothes and food .

Besides being blessed by God for helping fellow citizens in need, Studies show that giving has added health benefits for the giver.

We all as a school community volunteered our time to assist two charity organizations by donating money, essentials and food collectively and spent time with the orphans on the 18th of December, 2019 .

Some kids personally  their Piggy Banks to the organizations. It made them reap the social health benefits of  Improved Self-Esteem & Self-Worth of Charitable Giving.